Will A Soul Die?

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Many have asked if it’s possible for a soul to die. If someone leads an entirely regressive life and does all sorts of unthinkable evil, does his spirit die and rot in hell?

But when one engages in action detrimental to the greatest good, the spirit can become detached from the physical body, the lack of faith exhibited by the person creates a scenario where the person becomes empty and the spirit shrinks from significance and begins to eliminate energy.

Once a soul dissipates it’ll have very weak energy, and unable to attain their Guide or join with the higher state of being. It’s then very tough for it to come back in bodily form. We might link this to being miserable in our present reality. They would require time and contemplation to once more be prepared to come back to the physical form to move to their next earthly lessons.

They would always float between the two measurements until they once again find their way House, frequently aided by other spirits. In this procedure, they would learn there are other spirits that are more than happy to assist them in their journey back. The souls offering the help are also advancing their development by helping those in distress.

The affected souls might end up in reduced levels of life and continue their procedure from those lower levels, sort of a refresher course, if you would. As soon as they realize there are always guides available to help in their progress, they will get guidance. If they’re not open, Melbourne Raccoon Trapping Services, there isn’t any guidance for them. It’s one of the precious lessons of the soul. Sometimes the hardest lesson to learn is to take assistance from others.

There are always souls that are ready and eager to help if and when we ask. But we should also be open to them. How often have you asked for advice and then shut yourself to some nudging you might have gotten from those past? How often have you ignored the promptings of the soul because you’re afraid, or did not think, or were afraid there might be a successful outcome of your actions.

The Guides send messages through ideas, dreams, and the realization of needs. The message is not necessarily a loud booming voice from the heavens so frequently depicted in the bible. I’d venture to guess, those voices lots of the prophets discovered, were just subtle messages or ideas such as we’re talking about today.

The spirit guides do not just work with one individual, they’re available to everybody, but we will need to stay open to the possibility, not close down ourselves because we think it’s too ridiculous to enter our vision of reality.

All this has lead me to better understand our planet and everything therein contained.

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