Vending Machines

Atm Cupcake Cookies Vending Machine VendinIt seems all too easy to eat convenience foods from a local drive through restaurant, get a snack from a corner shop or perhaps from a vending machine. It’s estimated that obesity rates for children is nearly 20% in the US and this brings associated problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart problems in later life.

As a business it’s more profitable to stock the machine with tried and reliable best sellers, normally of the unhealthy variety that to risk low gains stocking less popular healthy alternatives.

Schools and colleges however have begun to buck the trend and are insisting that healthier options are available to their employees and students. It is a case of getting the balance of merchandise right to match the prospective customers who have access to the machine.

Even some employers have started to realise the benefits of offering nutritious snacks to their workforce. A worker if much more likely to be efficient, organised and effective if they have access to good healthy food.

Vending machines in schools and higher education establishments have begun to display healthier snacks and drinks to display alongside more traditional products. Together with the popular heavily advertised cola beverages, many machines today vend orange juice, apple juice, yogurt drinks and mineral water.

Owners of Sports Centres and Gymnasiums have also realised the potential of offering low fat snacks and wholesome drinks from their vending machines. It makes perfect sense of course . Customers using the sports facilities or working out at the gym are not likely to want to load their own bodies with saturated fats as soon as they’ve finished. A selection of tempting healthy and nutritious snacks and drinks from a vending machine is precisely what they are after.

It is unlikely that high fat meals will disappear from vending selections completely but the healthy vending movement has now got some momentum. Vending entrepreneurs that adopt the sea change to healthier vending are likely to benefit greatly as the momentum develops and consumers demand better choice.

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